About Hitech Advisors

Credibility. Trust. Agility.

Empathy. Curiosity. Creativity.

These are our values and skills, and we bring them to everything we do.

Whether you’re seeking a new executive opportunity, staffing, DevOps solutions, process innovation, or data, analytics, and security answers, Hitech Advisors provides innovative results founded on these core values and skills.  We have decades of experience providing enterprise-grade solutions for companies like Microsoft, Intellectual Ventures, Nintendo, and Costco. Our work is scalable, secure, and reliable (because we believe in building solutions and relationships).

Creating solutions can feel as daunting -- and exciting -- as scaling a mountain. We’ve been there. At the base of the mountain, our depth and breadth of experience mean we’re able to ask the right questions and engage in the focused, creative problem solving that is the foundation of all scalable solutions. Well-prepared from the start, as we continue the journey, Hitech Advisors brings the expertise and agility necessary to encountering whatever issues arise along the way.

When we arrive at the summit together, you’ll enjoy the results: bespoke staffing, technological, and systemic solutions. As with any good adventure, we’ll have built relationships as we worked together to reach the summit -- relationships infused with trust and mutual respect.

Linda A. Hill, professor at the Harvard Business School, has called innovation a journey. Hitech Advisors has the experience, agility, and creativity required for each step along the way. Whether your needs are in staffing, technology, analytics, or security, let’s take the journey to innovative solutions together.


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