Grow Your Engineering Career in 2020

Grow Your Engineering Career

How to Grow your Engineering Career with Hitech Advisors 

Working as a technology engineer in the 21st century is one of the biggest privileges for your career. Technology is the industry sector with the highest growth year over year, and the huge demand for skills and talent is driving companies into providing amazing opportunities. But to have a successful career, an engineer must always step out of their comfort zone and seek new ways of growing. As the saying goes, the road to success is always under construction. 

The classical way of growing your career is to become a specialist, by learning more and more about the technology you use the most. You might achieve growth by making a plan with your direct manager or career manager and filling the needs of your company. These ways have been around for decades, but they don’t necessarily align with the growth and opportunities that we see in the 21st century.

Engineers can make excellent business leaders. Learning about different business models and applying that knowledge is just one way of growing. Approximately one-third of the Fortune 500 CEOs have a degree in engineering. 

Throughout their careers, engineers tackle a variety of projects, many of them with strict deadlines, challenges, and complex situations. These projects encourage engineers to develop many of the skills that a CEO uses every day: project planning, time management, attention to detail, and data processing. On top of this, engineers work in teams and that helps them to develop communication skills, an invaluable trait of managers.

Becoming a successful business leader is broadly defined. You need to play around to discover out what suits your business savvy and what fits your interests and personality best. There are many options, each with its distinctive flavor. You can become a product manager, a tech leader, or a consultant. Or you might discover secret talents or skills that make you an excellent recruiter, speaker, writer, or coach. 

Discover the future you by taking the first step from right where you are now and working with what you have. Start learning more about your company and how it does business, engage with peers from other departments, read the news, reviews, and articles about the industry. Read about the competition, the suppliers and the customers. The key is to understand why things work the way they do and how your everyday tasks relate to them. As you learn more and more, you will discover what sparks your interest. If you already know this, then it’s the perfect moment to reach out to your manager, a coach or a consultant for professional advice on how to grow further.

With a team full of tenured technology engineers from big-name tech companies and successful entrepreneurs, we at Hitech Advisors can provide you with the combined skills and experience of all of the above. We are constantly engaged with marquis technology enterprises that cover a wide range of technical expertise and executive roles in different domains, thus assuring many possible growth opportunities to the engineers and technology experts that reach out to us.

We all know that switching jobs is never easy. You'll need to prepare for interviews, schedule calls, meetings, sometimes you have to travel, plus you have to gather a lot of information about your future employer. Many engineers switch jobs often and one reason they do this is because of the benefits. Although unemployment is at historic lows, so is the rate of current wage growth, despite a strong economy. The average annual raise that companies give to their employees is around 3% to 4%. The bottom line is that many engineers receive bigger paychecks, in addition to widening their knowledge base, when switching employers. 

While there is no official data on this, most of the testimonies suggest an engineer can reap somewhere around a 10% to 20% salary increase year over year by changing employers. After several switches, if growing their salary becomes difficult, many engineers make the change to contracting work (sometimes for their current employers) and keep getting that higher increase year over year.

With a team committed to living the principles of trust, quality, and fun, Hitech Advisors will share the experiences of a successful job change. They'll seek out the best opportunities for you whether it's a contract software engineering gig or c-level executive placement. They'll set up interviews with the decision makers and match your skills with the best opportunities, making the whole process an engaging and meaningful experience.

Even if you like your current job, you have a nice benefits package and a great title, there is one thing that you should do so you can ensure your growth. That thing is active participation in interviews. There are many reasons for this and the least important one is landing a new job. 

One benefit of the interview experience is that you find out what is new in the industry. Most companies don’t share their challenges, innovations, and struggles on the company’s blog, but you can discover those things during an interview. You hear about new technologies, innovative solutions and technical issues. Most probably, at your current company or future company, there will be a situation in which the information gathered during the interviews will prove valuable.

Another reason for participating in interviews is for the mental and emotional exercise. Practice makes perfect and this practice will ensure your success. While most companies have processes for their interviewers, these processes are far from perfect and most of the time they just hire the candidates that perform better than others. 

To put it simply, only the best out of a group of three candidates will be presented with an offer, regardless of how good the other candidates did during the interviews. This practice is widespread and a former Google, Microsoft and Apple employee wrote all about it in the best-seller “Cracking the Coding Interview”. So, to be successful in your future interviews, we recommend that you take a minimum of two interviews each year, just to stay relevant and make sure that you will come on top of other candidates in future interviews.

We are dedicated to pursuing the interests of our peers with empathy so that they can enrich their lives with meaningful work. If you are a technology expert or engineer, reach out to us and we will find the best opportunities tailored for you. We're experts at engaging experts on behalf of our clients. We promise you will have fun while we will make your career meaningful.

Even if you aren't actively seeking a new role at this time, you can submit a resume to and let us know your career goals and interests. We will keep you up to date and contact you about exciting new opportunities that await you!