User Experience – Ingredients for Success: TBA

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event has been postponed until a later date. Invitations will be resent to guests when the event is rescheduled.

The focus will be on User Experience and will include UX and business model experts from marquis Seattle area enterprises.

This is a complimentary private event for senior-level attendees who are experts in business, technology, and leadership.

Engaging, easy-to-use products don't appear fully developed in the minds of designers and product teams. They are the result of careful deliberation, collaboration, exploration, and study. Interaction architects are crucial players in the product design process because they observe human behavior and use that knowledge to thoughtfully craft products that meet specific needs.

The foundational processes and techniques required for interactive design begin with key psychological concepts, which help us to better understand how people feel, think, and behave.

Panelists will answer these key questions and more:

  1. What is the user experience? How has it evolved in the omnichannel (online and offline) reality?
  2. Who is responsible for ensuring that our users have the most optimum experience with our services and products?
  3. What is the role of design in architecting and implementing successful user experience?
  4. How to incorporate ethics and other personal and organization values when designing the user experience?
  5. How do you balance making money - the business model - while optimizing the user experience?
  6. What guidance should we give to aspiring user experience experts?

Hitech Advisors will be introducing industry experts who will take a deeper dive into the methods and processes used by UXers to create thoughtful, engaging, and valuable products. They’ll discuss the multi-dimensional components of interaction design to enhance user experience, including design psychology, design patterns, ethics in design, usability, accessibility, and more.

Panelists will discuss learning behaviors and theories of emotion that give delight in design, interface design principals and thought processes, classic and operant conditioning, ethical methodology, and error handling.

In addition to knowledge-building and networking, event attendees will have an opportunity to interact and engage with the panelists, ask questions, and discover the intricate processes of manipulating behavior through usability, accessibility, and desirability, defining the pathway to beneficial outcomes from product interactions.

Panelists will include leaders from Nintendo, Faira, Microsoft and more marquis Seattle area enterprises.

One can view our entire professional (even life?) experience or purpose as improving the user experience for others. No matter your own view of what constitutes user experience and your role in it, undeniably we are all involved in enterprises that depend on creating a successful and engaging experience for the users of our products and services. The Seattle area is home to the world’s most highly recognized brands and to some of the foremost experts in creating category-leading user experiences. 

As always, there will be time for networking before and after the speaker presentation, complimentary food & beverages, and plenty of opportunity for an interactive Q & A with the panelists and other experts.

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