Application Development Services

At Hitech Advisors, we offer the complete range of application development services, including web and mobile applications with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. These next-generation applications expand your digital footprint and drive collaboration, automation, and customer satisfaction. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.

We build and integrate applications with on-premise and cloud solutions, enabling you to fulfill end-to-end digital transformation. With cloud integration, you gain real-time, actionable data that enables you to monitor progress and milestones through dashboards and analytics. We build applications using Agile methodology and DevOps implementation.

Our services include requirement analysis, new application development, application modernization as well as maintenance, covering the entire product lifecycle. Using our services, you can build new applications or take a web to mobile approach, extending the availability of existing web applications to mobile applications. We also help you modernize and migrate legacy applications to the cloud.

We build next-generation applications for end-user interaction, including e-commerce, customer support, market research and surveys, and applications that aid professionals. These help you deliver enhanced customer experiences, analyze market trends, and identify new growth opportunities.

We also build applications for your organization’s functional requirements, including field applications to automate, standardize, and optimize operations, implement and monitor quality assurance and productivity-related tasks, and aid HR and other functions. These next-generation applications help you drive efficiency and build a cohesive organization.


Web Applications

Our consulting experts help you build a web application roadmap based on your objectives and the ecosystem. We develop intuitive web applications based on the latest principles of design and usability, delivering immersive user experiences. The web applications we build are compatible with leading browsers and deliver performance efficiency.

Mobile Applications

We deliver mobile applications over leading platforms, including Android and iOS. Based on an assessment of your business requirements and your organization’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) requirements, we plan and develop native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications.

AI Applications

We build AI applications focused on Machine Learning (ML), ensuring self-learning and automated decision-making based on data interpretation and the identification of trends and patterns. The applications are enhanced based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition and dynamic programming. We also provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Cloud Applications

We leverage our experience in cloud consulting and implementation to build cloud applications with a microservice architecture. We build and modernize applications for private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.



We help you expand your digital footprint and automation, delivering enhanced user experiences, deriving process efficiencies, and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Requirements Analysis

Our consulting services create application roadmaps based on your digital objectives, competitor and market analysis, and end-customer profiles.   

User Experience

We focus on micro-interactions, ensuring user engagement, preventing user errors, enabling intuitive navigation that prevents users from getting lost, in addition to communicating your brand principles.

Integration and Interoperability

The applications we create are designed for integration with enterprise solutions, such as CRM, ERP, SCM, enabling you to gain the advantage of a seamless customer and service experience.


We build robust and scalable architectures and database systems that meet your future growth requirements.

Analytics and Insights

With advanced data structures that support analytics and actionable insights, we enable you to leverage data acquired during end-user interactions and actions.

Security and Compliance

We plan and build applications that meet your industry-specific security, governance, and compliance requirements.

Rapid Delivery

Using Agile methodology, DevOps, and ready-to-use component libraries, we offer accelerated development, enabling you to launch business and functional services rapidly. We also incorporate Kanban and Six Sigma methods in application development.

Testing and Maintenance

Our testing and support services ensure the validation, upgrade, and resolution of bug fixes.