Banking and Finance

At Hitech Advisors, we help you transform your digital financial operations, enabling you to meet market disruptions and new business models. Our experts help you identify and implement solutions as well as strengthen your core systems using technology and automation. We partner with you in your drive for innovation, building competitive strength, and helping you deliver enhanced customer value. We also help you derive the value and efficiencies offered by Cloud Operations and Machine Learning. In addition to consulting, development, and implementation, our services include recruitment and staffing to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.

We work with traditional retail and digital banking services, corporate banking, the payments and card industry, providers of capital market technology solutions, life and non-life insurance firms, and credit unions. Our services help you meet governance, risk, and regulatory compliance requirements. We also help you identify vulnerabilities and secure your services from threats and attacks.


Capital Market Technology Solutions

We provide a collaborative digital technology partnership to capital market organizations, helping you attain your business objectives. We help you leverage the latest digital technologies, including cloud operations, helping you drive innovation and business transformation through digital transformation.

With domain knowledge and strong planning and implementation capabilities, our experts plan, build, and implement customized Business Intelligence and Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotic Process Management (RPA). We use the Agile methodology, DevOps tools and frameworks, and lean methodologies, such as Kanban and Six Sigma practices, allowing you to implement rapid go-to-market strategies and gain business efficiencies. The result is enhanced customer experience, business expansion, and efficient risk management.

Commercial Banking Solutions    

Our experts provide digital technology solutions and platforms for commercial banking firms, allowing you to deliver next-generation services to corporate and individual customers. We modernize your architecture and applications, and automate processes, enabling you to build and migrate to a next-generation network and IT environment. Our digital transformation services include building Web and mobile applications, debt and fraud management solutions, and driving cloud migration, among others.

We ensure interoperability and integration with the partner ecosystem, helping you extend your banking value chain by enabling seamless collaboration with partners, such as financial service providers, fintech organizations, corporate treasurers. We also enable you to meet regulatory compliance requirements by implementing effective governance practices.

Insurance Solutions

In today’s disruptive world, we partner with insurance service providers to drive innovation, business transformation, and operational efficiency. Our digital insurance services build and implement ML and AI powered solutions, including NLP and RPA, among other emerging technologies, enabling you to deliver on-demand, personalized products to customers. Our services help you gain a competitive advantage, allowing you to capture and expand market share.

We help you modernize legacy architecture, applications, and systems, build and implement cloud operations, and leverage advanced business intelligence and analytics. The resultant digital transformation helps predict and meet changing customer requirements. We integrate governance and risk management practices into your digital processes, allowing you to meet today’s complex regulatory compliance requirements.  


Digital Transformation

Modernize your architecture and core systems, and enhance your interoperability with partner ecosystems using our financial technology services. We help you identify, plan, and implement disruptive solutions with rapid time-to-market and seamless service delivery.

Build innovative and agile business models leveraging big data and analytics, business intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotic Process  Automation (RPA). Our services help you derive the full value of data and empower you to make data-driven decisions.

Cloud Operations

Our experts enable you to migrate your services and applications to the cloud and maintain cloud operations while retaining focus on end-to-end service delivery. Our full range of cloud services help you architect customized cloud migration plans, modify and recreate legacy applications to meet your cloud objectives, and decommission legacy applications seamlessly.

Regulatory Compliance    

We help you restructure your operations to meet the continuous change in regulatory standards. By leveraging technology and automation, we help you implement sustainable operations and retain cost efficiencies while driving governance and risk mitigation efforts. We also help you build preventive measures, alerts, and regulatory reporting, helping you maintain your reputation and build partner and customer trust.

Customer Experience

With seamless service delivery and end-to-end interoperability among internal systems, partner ecosystems, and customer touchpoints, we help you deliver enhanced customer experiences. Our experts help you respond to market disruptions and leverage opportunities with rapid development and application launches while retaining solution and service stability. We help you build consistency in service and responsiveness at customer touchpoints, meeting customer expectations, and gaining their trust.

Recruitment and Staffing

We also provide personnel for the different stages and requirements of software development, as well as domain experts to fulfill your requirements. Our personnel are highly qualified and trained to meet your custom requirements. We provide recruitment as well as temporary staffing, allowing you to scale up and scale down rapidly.