Business Intelligence & Analytics

Hitech Advisors offer Business Intelligence and Analytics that deliver actionable insights, supporting data-driven decisions and shortening response times. Use our historical, real-time, and predictive analytics to leverage market opportunities, build stronger customer relationships, and ensure business process excellence.

Our experts mine existing datasets and design data and analytics systems from the ground up based on your requirements. With our deep learning, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, we enable you to leverage the full power of automation.

Our ability to build on-premise and cloud solutions helps us deliver trends and analytics on laptops and end-user mobile devices, enabling rapid and effective decision-making. On-demand visibility enables your business executives to leverage opportunities in real-time while controlling risk factors.


  • Gain critical market insights that help you reshape your business model and leverage market trends and opportunities, gaining competitive advantage and long-term stability.
  • Gain customer insights that enable you to establish insightful and long-term relationships based on your customers’ current and future requirements.
  • Build continuous business process improvements and operational excellence, minimizing risks and emergencies.


Data Mining

We extract data from all your locations and business functions, and analyze structured and unstructured data, offering insights into operations and new business opportunities. We capture past data and current trends, enabling effective decision-making, and helping you meet organizational goals and objectives.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

We implement the advanced principles of data science, providing predictive learning, analytics, and anomaly detection. We provide deep learning services to process and analyze data, enabling you perform advanced analysis and use complex feature sets. Our experts implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Natural Language Programming (NLP) and text mining in addition to big data and cloud applications that meet your requirements.

We help you leverage Machine Learning (ML), data consolidation, and AI to enhance your automation and self-remediation capabilities. Coupled with our ability to build Internet of Things (IoT) applications to meet your business and functional requirements, we enable you to expand your business exponentially.


Business Performance Management

We help you define key performance indicators, and analyze, measure, and optimize business processes. You can also build agile processes and establish systems for continuous process improvements.

Predictive Analytics

With the ready interpretation of big data, we provide cloud processing, reporting, and analytics, focused on your industry and organization. Our predictive analytics help you build new business models, control risk, and deliver enhanced value to customers.

Dashboards and Visual Analytics

Our customized dashboards, reports, diagnostics, and visual analytics help business functions plan and budget in addition to establishing systems for functional, support, and maintenance tasks.


  • Track key performance indicators for people, processes, and business functions.
  • Enable sales teams to make use of critical product, market, and customer insights to understand and serve potential customers’ requirements.
  • Enable field sales engineers to create technical models and client-specific scenarios instantly based on customer interactions.
  • Enable support and maintenance teams to monitor human and machine performance, ensuring operational excellence and preventing emergencies.
  • Enable field research and monitoring teams to gather data and perform advanced analytics that enhances the quality of research.
  • Enable the teams on location in factories, supply chain, franchises, and others to feed data and derive instant predictive analytics related to bottlenecks and buffer zones, helping them optimize resource usage.