Cyber Security and Compliance

At Hitech Advisors, our security experts plan and implement a comprehensive security infrastructure that protects your organization from the evolving threat landscape. With visibility into network and user activity, data flows, and vulnerabilities, we help you maintain high levels of security across all your offices and locations, including cloud, partner, road warrior, and guest security.
Our comprehensive security services enable you to meet the requirements of governance and regulatory compliance. With advanced routing and VPN capabilities, we help your organization gain business flexibility and continuity while maintaining high levels of security. We provide security support to meet your business, compliance, and security objectives. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.




Security Infrastructure

In today’s borderless environment, we help you plan your security infrastructure with our comprehensive network, endpoint, and cloud security services.

● Next-Generation Firewalls: For network, data, and cloud security, we evaluate and identify the next-generation firewall that meets your security objectives. In addition to firewalling capabilities, these firewalls provide intrusion prevention system (IPS), web and content filtering, application protection, including cloud application protection, and email security with spam filtering and malware protection.

They also provide Wi-Fi security, VPNs, and web application firewall capabilities to protect your web servers. We also implement the advanced networking and routing capabilities provided by these firewalls.

● Central Security Management: We provide centralized management of firewalls and reporting for your distributed networks, allowing you to implement uniform policies across all your networks.

● Endpoint Protection: We also implement endpoint security solutions for your endpoint computers, end-user devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as for servers while ensuring seamless integration with your network security infrastructure.

Data Security

With authentication, access control, encryption, and backup and recovery mechanisms, we provide data security, including the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We implement Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services, enforcing access security for on-premise and cloud applications, enabling you to meet your compliance requirements. Our CASB services provide data security through encryption and malware prevention, preventing data loss through user negligence and malicious intent.

Backup and Storage Security

We create the backup infrastructure and policies for local and cloud backup and storage, including secure backup for remote clients. Our services include backup verification as well as backup and client recovery. With multi-factor authentication for users, role-based access control, and data encryption, we secure your storage, backup, and data in transit.

Security Configuration and Policy Management

We undertake the full configuration of complex security solutions, helping you meet your business continuity and security objectives. We help you create security, usage, and data protection policies for groups, VLANs, and zones across physical, Wi-Fi, remote, and isolated networks.

We also monitor updates related to connected services, operating systems, browsers, and applications, and make corresponding updates to your security policies and certificates. This ensures continuous access for your users and services despite external vendor or threat-related changes.

Governance and Regulatory Compliance

We help you create a centralized library of governance and regulatory compliances relevant to your organization. We help you meet security standards and gain the certifications required to expand your business interests. Based on changes in regulatory requirements, we implement policy updates and documentation and provide compliance training services.



Vulnerability Testing

We work with you to define vulnerability test objectives and identify applications and infrastructure elements for testing. We perform manual and automated vulnerability testing and risk assessment periodically, protecting your networks, and enabling you to meet compliance requirements. Based on the test results, we provide reporting and actionable insights to mitigate vulnerabilities and exposure.

Incident Detection and Response

We provide continuous monitoring and penetration testing, in addition to using rootkit detection systems to protect your servers. Combined with our vulnerability test services and threat landscape monitoring, we provide deep threat intelligence and continuous updates to your security infrastructure.

Zero-day Threat Protection and Endpoint Isolation

We ensure protection from zero-day threats through continuous monitoring for attacks and vulnerabilities and by keeping your network up-to-date with patches and pattern updates. We monitor and isolate endpoints and networks, preventing potential breaches, and implementing security cleansing.


Security Operations Center (SOC)

We provide 24-7 SOC services, operating with full visibility into the network, applications, and end-user activity. Using log management, Security Information and Events Monitoring (SIEM), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based responses, we provide real-time alerts, incident response, and quick remediation.

Security Training

Our security training services encompass training to IT and security administrators as well as end-users. The training modules are based on an annual risk assessment profile that we conduct for your organization. The risk profile is based on periodic threat simulations and security testing, ensuring that our security training is customized to your requirements.