Use Hitech Advisors’ consulting and implementation services to deliver high-end gaming experiences for console and cloud gaming services.

Gaming is a complex domain that integrates a range of technologies in a high processing environment involving virtual reality, high-end gaming art and graphics, fast action, millions of users, and multi-player environments.

With our gaming consulting services, we offer strategy, research and analysis, planning, testing, and implementation of games that deliver entertainment, behavior modeling, and learning outcomes. We also provide recruitment and staffing services for temporary and permanent requirements, allowing you to scale up your capabilities at short notice.

We bring our experience in delivering solutions to leading players in the gaming industry to help you offer AAA gaming services while leveraging a range of revenue models. We also provide testing and quality assurance services for console games and cloud gaming services.

“I have never worked with a team that’s as customer centric and as solution centric as Hitech Advisors. They really take the time to listen and offer ideas and solutions. This they do regardless of where the final decisions lead."

Sudha Sudharsanan
VP of Engineering, Nintendo

Game Server Hosting

We enable you to host large-scale, multi-player online games on leading gaming platforms. Our experts make use of user telemetry and performance metrics to provision game servers, delivering stability, and the ability to scale your games and build in-game enhancements rapidly.

Using our ability to rapidly implement prototypes, you can test new gaming titles and on-board games with multi-player interactions. We also make your game titles accessible over a range of operating systems and end-user devices, including gaming consoles, smartphones, and computers.

Console Games

We provide end-to-end services that meet the requirements of your game development, device, and IT teams, including research and analysis, planning, implementation, testing, and staffing. These services ensure that we work seamlessly across functional teams as they build and launch gaming products.

Game Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis include focus groups for age- and gender-based opinions, game progression, immersive experience, and gaming UX. We offer play-test services that analyze the storyline, predictability, and difficulty modes, enabling you to balance the gaming experience for users. 

Big Data

We build solutions that process the terabytes of data generated and analyze gamers’ data to gain insights into their individual preferences. You can use these insights to ensure ideal player matchmaking and drive continuous game enhancement.

We apply Machine Learning (ML) to develop powerful AI algorithms that enhance the experience of individual gamers. Through our ability to optimize in-game performance, you can engage players and provide tailored gaming experiences in large, multi-player games with millions of user interactions. You also gain higher conversion rates to paying models.

Demand and Capacity

We help you plan higher game processing and scalable server-side capability for game continuity and low latency. Based on market and user analysis, we predict demand and build the capacity to service 24-7, live demand.

Our experts plan and build mirrored, scalable client-server architecture with client distribution across servers, reducing computational and bandwidth constraints. We also help you plan event-based data flows to provide real-time interaction with minimal to nil latency.

Gaming Security

We build authentication and data protection mechanisms to secure user information and transactions, preventing data leakage and transaction failures. We also build security systems to prevent account hijack, malware, threats, and other attacks. Our maintenance and support services help you monitor and resolve bugs and patch vulnerabilities. Our gaming technology solutions enforce powerful security with performance optimization.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We provide testing services for gaming consoles and end-user hardware. We also provide game testing and quality assurance for compliance with consoles and end-user devices. Our functionality testing extends from pre-Alpha to maintenance stages.

Our performance testing services ensure that you deliver a consistent user experience. With localization testing, we enable you to meet the expectations of gamers around the world. We also provide testing for Virtual Reality (VR) games, enabling you to deliver enhanced gamer experiences.

Recruitment and Staffing

We also provide personnel for the different stages and requirements of software development, as well as domain experts to fulfill your requirements. Our personnel are highly qualified and trained to meet your custom requirements. We provide recruitment as well as temporary staffing, allowing you to scale up and scale down rapidly.