Independent Software Vendor

At Hitech Advisors, we partner with Independent Software Vendors (ISV), offering solutions across the entire product lifecycle. We provide consulting and development services, including business, systems, and ecosystem analysis, as well as the design and creation of robust architectures.

Based on your requirements we build enterprise software, web, mobile, and cloud applications, and DevOps automation. We have years of experience in building and using accelerators and frameworks that speed up delivery and ensure solution excellence. We also provide testing, maintenance, recruitment, and staffing services. 

We can build products from the ground-up or modernize legacy systems and products. You can offload the entire project, project phases, or specific components based on your requirements. Our services enable you to quickly scale up your deliverables to meet customer and project demands.Our decades of experience with leading consulting and technology companies makes us a trusted partner in a range of domains, including gaming, healthcare, and technology.


We provide platform-independent development services, customizing our development to your requirements. We work with your technology stack, including your preferred frameworks, languages, libraries, and tools. We also leverage open source tools and libraries. Our use of lean-agile principles and MVP-based (Minimum Viable Product) learning enables us to build with fast iterations and DevOps automation. We offer a continuous delivery pipeline with continuous exploration, integration, and deployment for on-demand releases.Our experience in working with distributed teams allows us to collaborate with your teams across the design, development, and maintenance services.


We provide solutions for internal, business-to-customer, and business-to-business customers.

Cloud Migration

We provide cloud migration services to private, public, and hybrid deployments. Our cloud migration services cover software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service products. We are experienced in migrating systems and applications to leading platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.  We also provide application development and modernization for the cloud to enable customers to derive the full benefit of cloud deployments.

Software Development

We build and modernize enterprise software, business intelligence products, complex web portals, web and mobile applications, and security solutions. We ensure integration, interoperability, and scalability, building stable and future-ready systems. Based on your requirements, we provide our services for software development from the ground up, for specific components of the software, and for specific stages of the software development cycle.

Software Architecture

Our services provide architecture analysis based on an assessment of your objectives, level of performance, security, and compliance requirements. We also design and build robust architectures based on your requirement, using your preferred frameworks, and languages. With our development and maintenance services, we provide continuous development to enable your architecture to adapt to new technologies and features.

DevOps Automation

We provide DevOps services that automate your operations, enable quick iterations, and increase the agility of distributed teams. Use our services to create a strong DevOps pipeline, test often during the development process, and identify issues early through continuous feedback related to bugs and vulnerabilities. The result is trusted and stable products with security built into the software lifecycle, in-time sprint closures, rapid product launches, and version releases.

Recruitment and Staffing

We also provide personnel for the different stages and requirements of software development, as well as domain experts to fulfill your requirements. Our personnel are highly qualified and trained to meet your custom requirements. We provide recruitment as well as temporary staffing, allowing you to scale up and scale down rapidly.