At Hitech Advisors, we offer consulting, implementation, and maintenance services for the retail industry. We build and implement seamless omnichannel solutions, allowing you to create a dynamic and immersive experience across mobile commerce, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar retail platforms. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements. We build solutions for retail organizations, including apparel and travel retail, electronics, grocery, furniture retail, pharmacies, and hotels and restaurants.

We enable you to consolidate customer data across all points of purchase and derive business and customer analytics. The analytics help you leverage customer trends and derive cost efficiencies.

We integrate retail solutions across multiple platforms, back-office systems, and partner solutions to deliver enhanced customer experiences, and gain inventory and supply chain efficiencies. 


Customer Solutions

Mobile and E-commerce

Our experts analyze your requirements and build platforms that offer effective merchandising, personalization, and recommendations for customers. We ensure compatibility with leading operating systems, expanding your customer reach to any device and any platform. We offer the advantages of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to deliver an app-like experience to customers. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), we ensure faster load times that improve sales conversion. 

In-store Solutions

We build in-store retail applications for customer phones that can scan QR codes and bar codes, and create instant lists, reducing queues at checkout counters. You can also build product details into the application, enhancing customer efficiency and satisfaction.

We integrate your Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems and in-store retail application with payment gateways and your in-house wallet, ensuring quick in-store checkouts over smartphones. We also build sales floor applications and mobile PoS devices for floor executives, enhancing staff efficiency.

Omnichannel Solutions

We help you integrate mobile and e-commerce with PoS commerce, delivering seamless customer experiences. You can build a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving retail domain through solutions customized to the products you offer. For example, you can allow customers to select items on the app or online and try out the variants or collect them at the nearest store. We also build social media plug-ins for promotions and to share customer ratings, providing a marketing opportunity, and expanding word-of-mouth reach.

We help migrate your systems and processes to the cloud, enabling you to share information across stores and deliver uniform and seamless customer experiences at all your stores.

Back-office Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With RPA, we help you manage customer orders with real-time updates and get customer feedback. We build retail solutions that manage customer records, loyalty schemes, and complaints and also for the automatic processing of credit reports.

Our back-end solutions help you process product returns with automatic changes to inventory and customer billing. You can also manage cash and vendor payment reconciliation. Along with order automation and cash flow forecasting, we help you connect the entire retail cycle, ensuring product availability without excess stocking, and derive the resultant efficiencies.

Master Data Management

We build MDM solutions to track product movement and ensure effective merchandising. We also integrate PoS, mobile app, and online sales data with promotions, demand, and inventory analytics, and CRM, enabling you to gain a comprehensive view of customer patterns and deliver campaigns based on these patterns.

Order Management

We help you maintain optimal inventories with solutions that support centralized order placement and allow you to maintain shared inventories. We also build retail EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems to securely and instantly communicate orders, invoices, and returns, preventing delays, and lost opportunities.

Integration Services

We integrate your systems with third-party and own e-commerce platforms as well as with payment gateways while ensuring interoperability with partners’ systems. We also ensure in-house integration with cash registers, staff retail devices, and weighing scales, enhancing in-store efficiency. We also build and integrate warehouse, inventory, and supply chain management systems, providing end-to-end retail solutions.

Business and Customer Analytics

We provide marketing and customer analytics that deliver quick updates of prices and promotions, helping you analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and promotions. We help you derive the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), enabling you to assess campaign efficacy.

Our experts also help you receive analytics related to customer trends and seasonal purchase patterns, enabling you to respond rapidly to market changes. Our analytics related to back-end processes help you gain supply chain and inventory efficiency.

Security Services

We implement network and endpoint security, protecting your operations from malware and attacks. Our solutions are built with mobile and e-commerce security, including multi-factor authentication for customers. These measures prevent identity theft and ensure data security, enabling you to meet compliance requirements, such as PCI-DSS. With vulnerability assessment and forensics, we help you remain ahead of threats and attack vectors. 

Recruitment and Staffing

We also provide personnel for the different stages and requirements of software development, as well as domain experts to fulfill your requirements. Our personnel are highly qualified and trained to meet your custom requirements. We provide recruitment as well as temporary staffing, allowing you to scale up and scale down rapidly.