Quality Assurance and Testing

Digital quality assurance is an essential component of rapid digital transformation. Hitech Advisors offer comprehensive digital quality assurance and testing services across the entire product life cycle and for the dependent components. Our test services support your development methodology, fine-tuning test methods to meet your unique requirements. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.


Our digital quality assurance portfolio offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerates technology life cycles.
  • Ensures faster time-to-market for product and service launches.
  • Integrates business systems with seamless functioning.
  • Enables partners to leverage your service infrastructure.
  • Delivers enhanced customer experience.


Software & Functional Testing

We offer white-box and black-box testing, using the latest software test methods. Our services include testing the internal structure and functioning of software systems. Our methodology involves mapping the test plan with product specifications and end-user interaction to deliver customized testing. The result is stability in product performance and enhanced customer experience.

Interoperability Testing

Our services test your solution’s interoperability with other components and devices based on protocols and usage. The objective is to ensure end-to-end service provisioning across different products and vendors and to prevent issues caused by the lack of interoperability, such as data loss, unreliable operations and performance, and maintenance issues.

Test Automation Services

Our services range from customized test automation for proof-of-concept projects and code sanity checks, to entire product lifecycles. We initiate testing after determining the components that allow test automation. Our test automation services deliver end-to-end validation with high levels of test efficiency, accuracy, and consistency while lowering test timelines. These benefits lower costs and save time, allowing you to focus on complex test cases.

Automated Database Testing

We help you automate database testing for data warehouses, ensuring data integrity. We provide end-to-end data testing, handling large volumes of data within a limited timeframe. We use a combination of commercial and customized tools to validate and reconcile data that belongs to heterogeneous sources. The benefits are high levels of data accuracy, reliability, and relevance, aiding business functions in effective decision-making.

Quality Assurance & Cloud Optimization

We provide end-to-end cloud testing services for cloud migration and cloud operations. We help you modernize your applications, enabling these to leverage cloud operations. We also offer quality assurance services after migration. These include functional and non-functional testing of applications as well as failover, database, and security testing, ensuring that migrated applications meet your cloud objectives.

Regression Testing

We offer regression testing along with automated testing services to test bug fixes and modifications to your applications. We also test new features and modules in existing software, enabling you to release enhanced versions that meet the objectives of stability and performance.

Exploratory Testing

With our exploratory testing services, we help you discover major defects in applications. Testing also prevents potential system failures by identifying all the possible causes of the identified defects as well as code dependencies that lead to a wider impact. We also study the effect of potential changes, helping you determine the course of action.

Usability Testing

Our usability services test system navigation, application flow, and interface design. We identify the points where correction and documentation help are required, helping you meet user expectations. We enable you to deliver intuitive user controls, with accuracy, flow, and consistency across the interface and functions. Coupled with our functionality testing, our usability testing offers the complete set of testing services essential to the successful launch of products, applications, and user interfaces.

Accessibility Testing

We perform accessibility testing to ensure that your products and applications are accessible to people with challenges, such as color blindness, impairment of sight, hearing, and mobility, besides old age and other factors. We help you meet compliance standards, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. We also help you incorporate assistive technologies into your applications and interfaces.

Load & Performance Testing

Using advanced load testing tools, we test your systems and applications for specific and maximum loads. We also test the capability of systems to meet performance requirements. We use concurrent virtual users and test your applications at the user interface as well as the API level. We design the testing with different load levels, covering critical parameters and user interface points.  Our services help you prevent performance degradation, ensuring high-performance and consistency in service delivery.

QA Test Tools

We build customized QA testing tools that meet the requirements of your applications and services. Our tools enable you to test web and mobile applications. Based on your requirements, we offer customized testing tools for backend services, user interfaces, and end-to-end testing.