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Hitech Advisors is a technology consulting firm specializing in

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We provide creative solutions to address your needs and deliver meaningful results.

Our History

Our team is full of veterans of some of the biggest names in tech – Amazon, Microsoft and AT&T. We are also veterans of startups and things in between.

In our past professional lives, we were left with a yearning that we may someday find talent partners who would empathize with our goals and requirements. We needed reliability, creativity, cost-effectiveness, agility, and expertise from our outside talent teams. Unfortunately, it was extremely hard to find such partners.

This led us to put together a team which would be different. It is an effort driven largely by empathy. Our unique backgrounds give us the ability to empathize with our clients in ways that most of our peers simply cannot.

Our Vision

With the guiding principles of trust, quality, and fun, our vision is to build a team that truly lives these principles and to spread our values to not only our consultants and internal team members, but to our clients as well.

“In order to have a meaningful life, one must have meaningful work.” – Jim Collins

We help to create more meaningful lives, work and otherwise, by helping our team members and clients experience trust, quality, and fun.

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Engaging Events and Food for Thought

Latest News

User Experience – Ingredients for Success: TBA

The Hitech Advisors’ team is hosting another speaker’s panel event on the evening of March 11, 2020. The focus will be on User Experience and will include UX and business model experts from marquis Seattle area enterprises. For a personal invitation, please contact us for an for an introduction.


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Ingredients for Success

Ingredients for Success: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

PAST EVENT: Considerations in cybersecurity, product, operations, and user experience in a world full of cloud, software-as-a-service, and mobile paradigms. Includes a fireside chat with friends from Rosetta Stone, Skytap,, Mastercard and more!