Welcome to Hitech Advisors

Welcome to Hitech Advisors, providers of technology expertise across sectors like health, retail, banking, finance solutions, gaming and specialist software development. And of course, management and deployment of this expertise. Our services include cloud computing, business intelligence, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We also do application development, enterprise software projects and software testing for our clients. Often, our clients ask us for recruiting or staffing of experts to manage the projects that we do for them.

Some of our client testimonials

Paul Farrall

Chief Information Security Officer, Skytap

“I have known Haresh for the better part of a decade. His team at Hitech Advisors has delivered on a number of initiatives for us including website engineering, cyber security, and operations. We could not be happier with their quality of service and their ease of doing business."

Some clients and projects

Costco consulted Hitech Advisors for bringing enhancements at the IT project, at the organizational, and at the CXO level. We have assigned experts to modernize their business intelligence and analytics platforms for more real-time decision making and a better end-to-end internal and external user experience.

Technology infrastructure and cloud computing




Hitech Advisors provided strategy consulting to Nintendo for their new line of business. We also helped with deep expertise in cloud computing, software engineering, embedded software, management, graphics software, multimedia, and cyber security.


Bank of America commissioned their business intelligence and analytics platform to Hitech Advisors. We also supported the operations for this platform.



Hitech Advisors helped recruit experts in deep science and research. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation commissioned to us, software infrastructure projects, management of internal software and front-end engineering for their websites.


Microsoft commissioned a  consumer research project to Hitech Advisors to analyze the usage patterns of tablet, mobile, and laptop devices. We provided the client with a complete launch and support solution to manage  end users and gave implementable feedback to their product teams. We also helped Microsoft in talent acquisition for its anti-malware, machine translation, and IT teams.