Our Services

We provide talent solutions for the world's leading brands

Hitech Advisors provides services in technology and business areas, like app development, AI, machine learning, cloud computing, go to market and digital marketing.

Application Development Services

At Hitech Advisors, we offer the complete range of application development services, including web and mobile applications with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. These next-generation applications expand your digital footprint and drive collaboration, automation, and customer satisfaction. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.

AI and Machine Learning

Hitech Advisors is a trusted partner for cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses unlock the full potential of AI to drive innovation with Algorithm development, Machine learning system, NLP and Computer vision. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we work closely with our clients to develop customized AI solutions that address their specific needs.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Hitech Advisors offer Business Intelligence and Analytics that deliver actionable insights, supporting data-driven decisions and shortening response times. Use our historical, real-time, and predictive analytics to leverage market opportunities, build stronger customer relationships, and ensure business process excellence. Our experts mine existing datasets and design data and analytics systems from the ground up based on your requirements. With our deep learning, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, we enable you to leverage the full power of automation.

Consulting and Implementation

At Hitech Advisors, our consulting and implementation services enable you to drive your vision by building strategy, analysis, and planning based on research and industry-specific knowledge. Our experts help you create rolling infrastructure, application, and security plans that enable you to meet current challenges and future-proof your solutions. With deep expertise in partnering with domain specialists and leveraging our technology insights, we help you drive your roadmap based on the shifting landscape of your industry.

Cloud Computing

Hitech Advisors helps organizations migrate their applications, workflows, and IT environments to private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. We help you migrate fully or enhance your cloud capabilities, using public cloud offerings, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others. We also help you assess and migrate to generic and vertical-specific cloud applications. Whether you are taking your first steps towards cloud migration or have a considerable cloud presence, we offer customized services to meet your requirements.

Cyber Security and Compliance

At Hitech Advisors, our security experts plan and implement a comprehensive security infrastructure that protects your organization from the evolving threat landscape. With visibility into network and user activity, data flows, and vulnerabilities, we help you maintain high levels of security across all your offices and locations, including cloud, partner, road warrior, and guest security. Our comprehensive security services enable you to meet the requirements of governance and regulatory compliance.

Enterprise Software

At Hitech Advisors, we meet your need for stable solutions that drive business efficiency as well as for innovative solutions that reduce your time-to-market and enhance your competitive advantage. We help you build solutions that drive digital transformation for business advantage, including ERP, CRM, customer order management, supply chain management, executive information systems, accounting and financial management systems, and custom mobile applications.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Digital quality assurance is an essential component of rapid digital transformation. Hitech Advisors offer comprehensive digital quality assurance and testing services across the entire product life cycle and for the dependent components. Our test services support your development methodology, fine-tuning test methods to meet your unique requirements. We also provide recruitment and staffing services to meet your short-term and permanent requirements.

Managed Infrastructure Services

At Hitech Advisors, we provide comprehensive managed infrastructure services that enable you to align your business and information technology objectives. Our experts assess your business and functional requirements and help you plan, build, and manage your IT infrastructure based on these requirements. We implement one-time and rolling infrastructure plans that leverage new technologies, creating an agile infrastructure based on automation and analytics. Our full range of infrastructure services enhances your business flexibility, employee productivity, and customer experience while optimizing IT investments.

Digital Marketing

Our consulting experts help you build a web application roadmap based on your objectives and the ecosystem. We develop intuitive web applications based on the latest principles of design and usability, delivering immersive user experiences. The web applications we build are compatible with leading browsers and deliver performance efficiency.