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Hitech Advisors is a Seattle based, minority owned Talent Solutions and Services business. We provide embedded talent solutions to leading enterprise companies and emerging brands. Working in close collaboration with each client, Hitech Advisors deploys specialized, worldclass expertise right inside their organization tightly integrated with their own people and processes to deliver experiences and outcomes with maximum efficiency, impact and speed to market. Hitech Advisors innovative, agile approach has helped clients accelerate the performance of their technology, user experience, and digital marketing initiatives.

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As technology expertise providers, Hitech Advisors have been delivering excellence with a deep understanding of the customer’s domain and a grasp of the broader environment that impacts customers. With our deep expertise in technology, we go beyond meeting the IT and solution requirements. We help customers transform their businesses.

While technology is used to transform businesses, technology itself is undergoing continuous transformation. Because the very ground our experts stand on is forever changing, we continuously stay ahead of the technology curve.

Take cloud computing, for instance. Never has cloud computing been as important as it is in the post-COVID19 world.

With many non-essential businesses being shut, the world has only recently opened itself to cloud computing’s seemingly endless capability for enabling remote working, remote learning, and remote retailing. At Hitech Advisors, we have been customizing our cloud computing services through our assess-build-manage approach all along.

Through business intelligence and analytics, we deliver actionable insights so that our customers can make data-driven decisions and respond fast. We help structure security for organizations, protecting them from rapidly evolving threats while giving visibility into network and data flows.

Our approach to enterprise solutions is to help businesses move from legacy systems to technology-enabled efficiency, bringing stability and resilience while reducing business downtime. Our quality assurance and testing services enable our customers to modernize applications while ensuring that they are reliable, bug-free, and deliver an enhanced experience to the customer. We have been providing specialized testing services across different industries.

In expanding our expertise across various industry sectors, we have helped banking and finance organizations transform their digital financial operations, move to customer-centric business models while remaining protected from frauds and risks. As AAA games are unique in that they are compressed for download but take up more storage space, game server hosting becomes important in managing large scale multi-player online games. Our experience helps us deliver game hosting and other gaming consulting services.

With the COVID19 pandemic speeding up the shift to online-only retail, our expertise in Progressive Web Applications and Accelerated Mobile Pages expedites page load time (and therefore sales), moves sales from in-store to mobile, and integrates multi-channel retail and multi-payment points to make retail a seamless and smooth experience for the end-customer.




Intelligently Innovating – As technology experts, we strive to be ahead of the curve. Since technologies are dynamic, it necessitates deepening our expertise all the time.

Being Resourceful – We thrive on finding quick and innovative ways to solve customer problems. Our team puts the required research in place, identifies customer pain points, finds out-of-the-box solutions to implement, and gets people with the right kind of experience to meet the rquirements.

Can-do attitude – Unstopped by challenges and unfettered by limited solutions, our technology experts work innovatively and not just harder to find solutions to customer problems. We continuously strive to design solutions that meet current and future requirements, and this attitude helps us transform customer businesses.

Our Network – Hitech Advisors’ strength lies in our network, which we have built over decades of work experience. We harness this strength when handling large-scale projects and when solving small but hard-to-identify issues.

Always Mastering – Our commitment to excellence shows in Hitech Advisors’ deep understanding of various technologies while gaining domain experience across several industry sectors. After close to a decade of work, there is hardly any project where our team would not have experience or technology expertise.