Dark Patterns in User Interfaces — Business Needs vs. User Needs

Engaging, easy-to-use products don’t appear fully developed in the minds of designers and product teams. They are the result of careful deliberation, collaboration, exploration, and study. Interaction architects are crucial players in the product design process because they observe human behavior and use that knowledge to thoughtfully craft products that meet specific needs. The foundational […]

How Artificial Intelligence Amplifies Cybersecurity

In this digital era, cybercrimes are on the rise and cybercriminals are leveraging advanced technologies leading to more complex cyber-attacks. As Artificial Intelligence reaches new frontiers impacting multiple industries, it has proven to be a strong weapon against cybercrimes and detecting threats. It is highly imperative for cybersecurity to exceed cybercriminal’s malicious activities in order […]

Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry

Innovation and technology are mercilessly persistent in the ever-growing digital space. Digital transformation is everywhere. Different sectors are increasingly making use of new emerging technologies which fit best to their advantage. The advantage here not only helps to build the brand or company`s credibility, but also improves upon the customer experience. Today, the global healthcare […]